Oral Myofunctional Therapy

Taking Care of You

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs) are abnormal movement patterns of the face and mouth. Children, teenagers, and adults can all suffer from OMDs. If left untreated, OMDs may interfere with normal growth and development of the muscles and bones of the face and mouth, as well as how those muscles are used for eating, talking, and breathing. Symptoms of OMDs can include the following: 

- TMJ pain

- Headaches

- Digestive Issues

- Chronic Congestion

- Anxiety

- Open Mouth Breathing

- Sleep Apnea

- Tongue Thrust

- and many more! 

Thankfully, OMDs can be treated by working with a knowledgeable oral myofunctional therapist and a team of other health professionals.  Oral myofunctional therapy consists of an individualized regimen of exercises for the tongue, lips, jaw, and throat. By eliminating toxic oral habits, retraining proper muscle function, and learning correct oral resting postures, you can achieve better sleep, reduced pain, and an improvement in your overall health and wellness. 

Have questions about OMDs and myofunctional therapy? Take charge of your health today by calling me for a free 30-minute assessment! 



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